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Thank you for visiting IDMatrix, this FAQ is designed to assist you in answering any questions you might have with the IDMatrix website or the services provided by IDMatrix. Please visit the IDMatrix website regularly, as we are constantly expanding our services and features.

IDMatrix is a website that provides background information services via its reports that contain in-depth and detailed information on most US individuals. If you are searching for personal information, the IDMatrix reports provide information such as phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, location history, social networking details, and much, much more! You can access our services from our website or with our “on the go” mobile application, so you’ll always have the information you’re looking for at your fingertips.

At IDMatrix we hope to provide you with a seamless and user-friendly search experience. Thus we attempt to provide you with as many search options as possible. Before performing any searches on our website you may be required to register and choose a subscription plan. As a non-registered user, you may have limited access to the search information obtained and the number of searches that can be performed. Once you have created an account and chosen a subscription plan you may perform searches by name, middle name (initial), last name, phone, or e-mail. If your search parameters return any results, they will be listed on the screen. You may then continue drilling down your results by using our “single click” search function which will provide you with additional information.

IDMatrix does not charge per search. As a non-registered user, you may have limited number of searches. After you create a free account, you’ll be allowed to perform as many searches as you want.

When you conduct a search through IDMatrix, you’ll be asked for identifying information such as a name, e-mail address, or phone number. Using the information provided, IDMatrix will access public records from multiple data sources. This information is then compiled and shown to you in a single, easy to read report.

While we attempt to provide you with the most up-to-date information in our compiled reports, sometimes the information stored in public databases may not be up-to-date for various reasons. Therefore, on occasion, the information provided on the reports may be incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated.

IDMatrix aggregates public records from all over the United States. After entering your search parameters IDMatrix will search public records databases at the local, state, and federal level to search for the information you have requested.

Reports may contain information including but not limited to addresses, phone numbers, contact details, social media information and activity, e-mails and domains. Additionally, in depth information may be included, such as arrest records, criminal convictions, traffic citations, bankruptcies, sex offender status and more.

Please be aware that IDMatrix only compiles information from publicly searchable databases, the reports compiled do not contain any confidential information or information from restricted non-publicly accessible databases.

There are strict guidelines as to how and for what purposes any information from our reports may be used. It is important that you understand that IDMatrix is NOT a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Therefore, you may not use the reports in any manner that is prohibited by the FCRA or any other federal, state, or local laws regarding the usage of such information.

Usage of the reports or any information contained in the reports in the violation of the FCRA or any other applicable US federal, state, or local laws is strictly prohibited. You may only use the information obtained for lawful purposes and at your own risk.

Please refer to the IDMatrix Disclaimer and Terms of Use for more specific information regarding the usage of our website and any reports or information provided.

Using our service to look up someone’s credit history to determine credit worthiness is subject to federal and state regulations. At present, you are prohibited from using the information obtained through IDMatrix for credit purposes.

We try to provide reports that contain the most up to date and accurate information. However, our website aggregates and compiles information from various public databases which may contain incomplete or inaccurate information. It is important that you understand that IDMatrix is not the creator, originator, or interpreter of any information that it compiles from public databases. Thus, the reports compiled by IDMatrix are provided "as is" and "with all faults". Please refer to the Terms of Use for more information.

IDMatrix only aggregates information from public sources and does not independently own or maintain any searchable data or records. We do however store the personal information of our users who have registered with the website in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Registering on IDMatrix is free of charge. This allows you to run unlimited searches, like Person Searches, Address Searches,Phone Searches, Email Searches, Company Searches, all with instant results while you’re an active member! Please be aware that for each generated report you have to pay a certain amount. To see the pricing table click HERE. Please check our website regularly as we are constantly updating our pricing to fit the ever-changing needs of our customers.

For security purposes, IDMatrix does not store your payment information all payments are processed by the third party payment processor. They also store and secure your payment information. Please refer to the Privacy Policy of our website for more information.

If you are having a problem logging into the website, or simply forgot your password, you may easily reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the Login page. If you wish to change your password, please click on the “Change Password” link on your Account tab. You’ll then be instructed to create a new password. We kindly request that you store and protect your password from unauthorized use, and create passwords which are in compliance with the password requirements that may be in place on our website.

The user dashboard is located on our website and may be accessed once you login into your IDMatrix account. Once you have registered and created an account, you’ll have access to your search history and your past reports via the dashboard. You can also manage your profile and change or reset your password. In addition, you can also find useful information about our subscription offerings, manage your subscriptions, order additional features, and access and update your payment information.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Feel free to contact us if you have a question or have a problem with our website or your account. You may contact us by clicking on the Contact tab listed on our website.

Our teams are standing by to assist you. For your convenience, we also provide live chat with members of our professional support team, which are in place to assist you in real time. Please be aware that there may be a reasonable delay in response time, but we aim to keep wait times short and we appreciate your patience.

IDMatrix values your opinion and is always open to suggestions and comments. We aim to constantly improve our website and the services provided to you. Please visit our Terms of Use regarding our use of your comments and suggestions.

Please contact us if you wish to have any of your information on IDMatrix removed. For each removal request, you may be required to provide us with the exact information you wish to have removed. For more information please visit the Removal of Information webpage.